Privacy Policy

Paris Adult Shop Services are described in the current version of the Privacy Policy. The current version includes laws and regulations that allow the Company to collect, use and disclose Users’ information in confidence mode. Paris Adult Shop aims to protect the User’s rights via specified Privacy Policy regulations.

Customers’ data is applied to improve the Paris Adult Shop website and the quality of Services provided on the e-commerce platform. By using a Paris Adult Shop website, the User agrees with the collecting and applying of his private data, which is protected by Our Privacy Policy.

1. Definitions

1.1 Paris Adult Shop – this is an online sex shop for modern Users. According to this Privacy Policy, Paris Adult Shop is a supplier of goods (Service Provider) for Consumers. The Company provides a wide range of goods for sex pleasures (intimate toys, costumes for role-playing games, erotic lingerie).
1.2 User / Customer / Consumer / Client – this is an individual (an Internet surfer) who contacted the Internet store about ordering a product. The Customer is the User of the Paris Adult Shop who made the order.
1.3 An Affiliate is an organization, company, or another third party that participates in the Paris Adult Shop affiliate program.
1.4 The Account is the User’s private page that the Customer opens to gain access to Paris Adult Shop Service.
1.5 The Website is an internet page owned by Our company, it is available at
1.6 Service Provider is an online store Paris Adult Shop. We cooperate with other partners, but only Our Company is the Service Provider.
1.7 A Third-Party Social Media Service is any page, group, site, or social network community that allows the use of a Customer’s personal page to create an account on the Paris Adult Shop platform.
1.8 Personal Data is a certain kind of information that identifies a Client in terms of Paris Adult Shop Service.
1.9 Cookies are specific materials of files that will be located and stored in the Users’ hardware like a PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. This is placed inside the browser to save.
1.10 Usage Data is a kind of collected data when the Client uses Paris Adult Shop Service.
1.11 Catalog Item is a product that is available for Customers in the assortment of Paris Adult Shop.
1.12 Refunds – the Customer’s ability to return the product in case of its damage or other defects.
1.13 Registration is the process of the Paris Adult Shop Users’ authorization on the website.
1.14 Customers’ Reviews are opinions of Consumers about using Paris Adult Shop and their experience of catalog item purchase and use. Customers’ Reviews are presented in the form of feedback and comments on the website.
1.15 Shopping Cart is a separate tool in the User’s personal account where all the purchases are accumulated for further buying.
1.16 Order is the product that the Client has purchased on the Paris Adult Shop website.

2. Paris Adult Shop General Regulations

2.1 The Paris Adult Shop sells toys, lubricants, lingerie, and other catalog items to Consumers of legal age. Disposal of products to Customers under the age of 18 is prohibited.
2.2 The Service may have links to third-party sites, but We do not guarantee User’s safety there. By clicking on the link, read the Privacy Policy of every resource.
2.3 Paris Adult Shop Privacy Policy may be updated, but We will notify Our Users about any changes. Some changes to the Privacy Policy can be made by default. The Company reserves the right to notify the Clients about it or not.
2.4 If a User has a question or need more information about Paris Adult Shop Privacy Policy, he may contact Us:

  • By email: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  • By phone number: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  • Via online contact form for Users and Paris Adult Shop guests.

3. Paris Adult Shop Data Processing

3.1. Personal Data

3.1.1 If the Client plans to use the Paris Adult Shop platform, then We ask him to give certain private data. It is needed for identifying the Client inside the system and also for communicating with him. The info that is required to use Our resource may be next:

  • Name and Surname
  • Town
  • Phone number
  • Address, Postal code
  • Active Email address
  • Usage Data

3.1.2 Usage data is information when the Client uses Paris Adult Shop Service. Such info includes the following data: Internet protocol address, version of Users’ browser, browser type, visited pages, time of searching the site, and dates of its visit, unique identification devices.
3.1.3 If the Customer searches the Paris Adult Shop website through a mobile device, We may also analyze and collect the following information: his gadget type, its operating system, IP of a mobile device, mobile browser kind, and various device identifiers.
3.1.4 Our platform uses cookies and tracking features to monitor Customer activity on the site. The Paris Adult Shop company also uses technology to store certain info. These technologies are tags, scripts to collect data, beacons, and other options to track info that improve the capabilities of Our Service.

3.2 Cookies Policies

3.2.1 Each Client has the opportunity to refuse cookies by indicating this in his browser. But if the User refuses cookies, some details of the Service will be unavailable.
3.2.2 Cookies are divided into two kinds: persistent and session. If a Client goes offline, persistent types of cookies remain on his PC or mobile device. The session type is deleted after the Customer closes the browser.
3.2.3 To serve the following goals, Paris Adult Shop Service uses both types of cookies. This is necessary for:

  1. Needed / Essential Cookies
    • Type: Session Cookies
    • Administered by: Paris Adult Shop
    • Aim: these cookies are necessary to provide products and services to Our Customers through the online resource and so that the Clients may use all its features. Cookies help identify Customers and protect them from fraudulent use of personal accounts. The Client could not receive data on requests if the Consumer didn’t use these cookie files. Paris Adult Shop platform uses cookies to give Users products of Our services.
  2. Cookies Policy / Notice Acceptance Cookies
    • Type: Persistent Cookies
    • Administered by: Paris Adult Shop
    • Aim: these cookies are necessary to determine the Client’s consent to use them on the Paris Adult Shop website.
  3. Functionality Cookies
    • Type: Persistent Cookies
    • Administered by: Paris Adult Shop
    • Aim: such cookies allow Our Service to remember the choice of Paris Adult Shop Client. For example, it could be language choice or remembering private input. The aim of these files is to remember private info and save the client from entering it again each time the Customer uses Our site.
  4. Cookies for Observation and Performance
    • Type: Persistent Cookies
    • Administered by: Third-Parties
    • Aim: these Cookies monitor site traffic info and how Clients use the Paris Adult Shop Website. Such information allows each Customer to be identified as a personality. Cookies collect info and classify it with a pseudonymous identifier that is seen as the specific device the Client uses to surf the Website. Paris Adult Shop Company also takes this type of cookie to test new pages, options, various advertisements, and other tools of the Website. This helps Us to see the User’s reaction.

3.3 Users’ Data Use

3.3.1 The Paris Adult Shop website may use Customer personal data for monitoring how Customers use Our resource and also to keep it running.
3.3.2.The Paris Adult Shop website may use Customer personal data to manage a Client’s account: to manage User’s account as a Client of Paris Adult Shop Service. Registration in the system allows the Customer to get access to many functions that will not be available to unregistered Users.
3.3.3 The Paris Adult Shop website may use Customer personal data to fulfill the terms of the official contract: compliance with all the rules of cooperation with the Client. Provision of services, products or things, registration of purchased goods by Customers through Paris Adult Shop Service.
3.3.4 Paris Adult Shop may use Customer personal data for Consumer contact: to communicate with users via email, SMS, phone calls, and other forms of electronic communication. It can also include updates to mobile applications, goods, products, and service information. It may also be informational messages and security updates.
3.3.5 Paris Adult Shop may use Customer personal data to provide the Customer with information about news, common info about products, services, or discounts for great offers. If the User has not refused such notifications, then the Client will receive the most useful data about the operation of Paris Adult Shop Service and its products.
3.3.6 To manage Customer requests: to support and maintain User requests for Our Service.

3.4 Personal Information Transfer On The Paris Adult Shop Website

3.4.1 The Paris Adult Shop Company transfers private info of Clients in the following situations:

  1. With a Service Provider: Our Service may share personal data of Users with a third party who is a Paris Adult Shop service provider. This is another company or service that helps Us process payments, serve ads, and support the Paris Adult Shop platform. Also, this exchange of data is important for monitoring and analyzing the functioning of Our Website.
  2. For business transactions: Paris Adult Shop shares Customer personal data to carry out a two-way transaction when purchasing Our goods and services. Another company performs any transaction, sale of assets of Paris Adult Shop Service, acquisition of part or all of Our business, and financing.
    With Affiliates: Paris Adult Shop Site may share Users’ personal information with Our Affiliated Parties. But We require them to comply with the current Privacy Policy. Affiliates may include Our parent organization, other subsidiaries, or partners. Some other enterprises are under Paris Adult Shop common control.
  3. With business partners: We may share the personal information of Users with Paris Adult Shop business partners. This is necessary to offer Clients certain services, goods, or advertising.
  4. With other users: if Our Consumers interact within the system, then such data can be viewed by other Users. Also, such communication data may be distributed out of the Paris Adult Shop System. If Clients communicate with other Users of the Website, open an account through a page in social networks, then other people can see their profile, name, picture, and other data. Customers can also view the personal page of other Users and communicate with them within the Paris Adult Shop platform.

3.4.2 If the Client has agreed with Our Privacy Policy, then the Customer knows about such a transfer of his personal data and agrees to this. Paris Adult Shop takes the necessary measures to keep the personal information of each User safe. Paris Adult Shop administration does not send User’s data to another country or organization until We are convinced that it is secure.

3.5 Disclosure Of Personal Data On The Paris Adult Shop Website

3.5.1 The Company may disclose Consumer private info if required by a request from government authorities. This could be a court or other legal feature from a government agency.
3.5.2 The Service can open the personal data of Users if it makes sure that the information is needed for:

  1. Protection of the rights or property of the Paris Adult Shop.
  2. Compliance with legal obligations.
  3. Protecting the safety of the Company, its Users, and the public.
  4. Prevention or investigation related to violation of Company rules.
  5. Protection from legal liability.

3.5.3 The security of Clients’ personal information is critical to the Paris Adult Shop Company. Therefore, the Paris Adult Shop authorities try to give maximum guarantees of its protection. But it is important to remember that any method of transferring data over the Internet or ways of virtual storage cannot be completely safe. The Company uses many points to give Customers the maximum security of their information, but cannot guarantee this 100%.
3.5.4 User’s personal data is available to Service Providers who use it to perform certain tasks on behalf of the Company. These services undertake not to transfer Paris Adult Shop Customer data to third parties or use it for other purposes.
3.5.5 The Company has the right to implement different Service Providers to receive monitoring and analysis of the work of its Service.
3.5.6 The Company uses Google web analytics, which processes the collected data and monitors the operation of the Paris Adult Shop system. Any Client can opt-out of Google Analytics by setting this in his browser settings. This will prevent the transfer of data about visits to Google Analytics. Visit the Google Privacy Terms for more information on how Google Analytics works.
3.5.7 The service may use the personal data of Users to contact them through newsletters and advertisements. This feature can also be disabled if the Customer follows the link and unsubscribes.
3.5.8 The Company may use a third-party resource as a Service Provider to improve the operation of the Paris Adult Shop Website.3.5.9 We use such a tool in an invisible mode. All collected information is stored in accordance with Google Privacy Policy.