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Pleasure Helpers: How to Pick the Best Lube for Sex

When a man or woman starts sex games, natural lubrication is produced during sexual intercourse, which eases smooth movement, making sex more enjoyable and comfortable. However, the amount of this lubrication varies from person to person. For some, it can be a veritable fountain, while for others, it may be just a drop.

Sex without sufficient lubrication can cause discomfort for both partners and may lead to microtears in the mucous membranes, which in turn can cause itching, burning, and irritation. Lubricant is a special gel designed to ensure that your sexual pleasures always go smoothly.

Maximum Pleasure: Who Needs Lubricant

The truth is that everyone needs lube, including those who simply engage in traditional sex. Many people mistakenly think it is only required for those who prefer experimentation.

Lubricant is not a magical remedy for a lack of desire, but it's a fantastic bonus that can enhance your sexual life. In certain cases, you simply can't go without it. It's the foundation of safe sex. After all, you don't want to harm your health or your partner's, do you?

You'll need lubricant in your household for the following situations:

  • Essential for anal sex and when using anal suppositories and applicators (such lubricants often contain lidocaine to desensitize pain points and provide a numbing effect during anal play).
  • Vaginal moisturizers are recommended for women during menopause when natural lubrication is insufficient.
  • To add comfort, if you've arranged a sex marathon.
  • During manual or toy masturbation.
  • If you often engage in spontaneous, quick sex.
  • Flavored lubricants for oral sex.

Not Just Vaginal and Anal: The Types of Lubricants

There is a wide variety of lubricants for different needs: vaginal, oral, with aloe vera, coconut, or chocolate flavor. Each has its pros and cons, but the main thing is not the flavor but the base of the gel.

  1. Water-based lubes are suitable for all types of condoms, easy to wash off with water, and do not leave stains on bed sheets. They are compatible with all types of sex toys, and options with different flavors are specifically designed for oral sex. Keep in mind that they are not suitable for use in the shower and tend to dry out relatively quickly, so it's a good idea to buy several tubes of moisturizer at once. Such product lines are available, for example, from the Astroglide brand.
  2. Silicone-based lubes create an incredibly long-lasting and enjoyable glide, are very economical to use, and are suitable for latex condoms, such as Durex, and manual stimulation. They can be used in the shower and rarely cause irritation. Such options are available in the product lines of the Pjur brand. However, they require water and soap for removal, and they cannot be used with silicone toys, condoms, or during oral activities.
  3. Oil-based lubes are organic options suitable for any sexual practices your imagination can come up with. This product can also be used during a relaxing erotic massage, producing a wow effect. They do not dry out as quickly as water-based lubricants, but they cannot be used with latex condoms. And, of course, if you use such a lubricant, be prepared for stains on the bed linen.
  4. Water-silicone lubricants. This is something similar to a hybrid option, which combines the advantages of water- and silicone-based ones. They do not dry out and do not leave stains, are easily cleaned, glide for a long time and comfortably, and are compatible with all toys. Nothing but benefits!

How to Use Lubricant?

The first rule is not to feel sorry for the lube! The more lubricant, the better for the sensations. The second rule is to follow the instructions. Typically, you need to apply lubricant to your genitals before sex, relax, enjoy, and add more as needed during sex play. After sexual intercourse, you need to clean your naughty bits. Water-based lubricant is easily cleaned off with water; silicone lubricant can be removed with intimate hygiene soap.

If you decide to use olive oil, cream, or vaseline instead of lube, know that you have made a mistake. These products can lead to irritation or even infection.

A lubricant that suits someone you know won’t necessarily suit you either. Therefore, it is important to choose a lube based on your own needs and health profile. If you have any doubts about which option is right for you, contact our consultants.