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Anal Toys: Your New Sexual Experience

What about sexual experiments? Explore the tons of pleasure that your booty can offer. Oh yes! It's truly full of surprises, pleasure, erogenous zones, and new sensations. The Paris Adult Shop is here to assist you.

Who Can Use Anal Toys?

Absolutely everyone: women, men, and people of any gender and sexual orientation who want to experience new booty pleasure! Anal penetration sex toys are enjoyable with a partner or solo for gay and lesbians, mature couples, partners looking to please each other for just one night, BDSM and fetish enthusiasts, etc. Amazing butt stimulation will stir everyone up!

Types of Anal Toys for All Butt Play Fans

The Paris Adult Shop offers different butt toys for your pleasure:

  • Anal plugs and stretchers: If you want to get kinky and play with your anus, we recommend stocking up on various anal probes. We have massive, slim, and small ones for different depths, with interesting insertions, and in various colors like pink, black, purple, and natural skin tones. They provide excellent stimulation to the P-spot, which is rich in nerve endings. Let your imagination run wild, and your boyfriend, wife, or partner will be delighted.
  • Anal dildos: These toys mimic the sexy shape of an erect male penis and can be made from silicone, safe glass, or other materials. They may be double-ended for the pleasure of both partners, have suction cups, come with vibration features, or be giant in size.
  • Vibrators and masturbators: Vibrating devices stimulate the prostate for men and provide a unique sense of fullness for females. You don't necessarily need to perform active thrusting with such toys; the vibration alone can provide pleasure.
  • Fisting toys: Shaped like hands and fists, these stimulators offer maximum realism. They are made from soft, flexible, and pleasant materials for easy and painless insertion into the butthole. Of course, it's not everyone's cup of tea, but it's definitely worth a try.
  • Anal balls, chains, and beads: These toys consist of one or several balls that are inserted deep into the anus and then extracted. This process gives numerous sexual sensations, massages the prostate, and awakens erogenous points in the body that you didn't even know existed.
  • Prostate massagers: With these toys, you can massage the prostate, combining pleasure with health benefits. Start with gentle licking and continue using the massager. This practice is very beneficial for men's health.
  • Strap-ons for anal sex (strap-on attachments, wearable strap-ons with panties, strap-ons without straps, themed bondage, and more).
  • Butt toys kits: Ribbed, soft, rough. Set free your secret desires and dive into the sea of pleasure.

How to Choose Your First Anal Toy?

Years will pass, and hundreds of happy and not-so-happy moments will fly by, but one memory will stay with you forever. Your first anal toy! When choosing your first butt toy, don't focus on size; it's not all about that, especially if you're a beginner. You're not a porn star! Although who knows:) The anus is delicate and tight, so you need to stretch it gently. Delicacy and stretching are the keys to comfortable sex and enjoyable new sensations.

For beginners, the best choice for anal play is a classic anal plug with a tapered tip and an expanded base. It's an enduring classic, tested by hundreds of thousands of orgasms!

How to Use Anal Toys?

The first and most important rule for comfortable anal penetration is genuine desire and sexual excitement. However, there are other nuances to anal play that you should know. Here are some free tips to ensure both you and your partner have a pleasant and fun experience:

  1. Excellent technique: Before engaging in anal pleasure, it's advisable for both men and women to undergo hygiene procedures or take an anal shower. Penetration with an anal toy should be done carefully and unhurriedly. You're not late for a flight, so relax and stretch the backdoor slowly. To make stimulation comfortable, take breaks, and don't try to insert a large anal dildo into a gape right from the start.
  2. Gentle lubrication: Before entering the anus, you need to lube it. Lubricant on the anus and the anal toy minimizes discomfort and ensures smooth gliding. Using fingers for warming up and pre-play is an excellent idea. By the way, guys, by applying and playing with lubricant, you can already bring yourself or your partner to the boiling point, making penetration pleasant and easy. Don't skimp on lubricant (and don't buy cheap options) if you want to enhance the sensations!
  3. Care: Skipping care is a bad idea. We know that in the heat of passion, you don’t want to think about it, but health should always come first. Therefore, before and after anal play, all adult toys should be thoroughly cleaned with a special disinfectant cleaner.

If you're unsure which anal toys are right for your specific preferences and budget, our consultants can help you choose the optimal option. Find the best anal toys in the Paris Adult Shop!