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Better than Your Hand: How to Pick a Masturbator 

If your hand is tired of bringing you to the top of pleasure, try masturbators. They give you absolutely incredible sensations that you will definitely remember for a long time. Do you like classic fast rhythms or want to try something new? Welcome to the world of masturbators at the Paris Adult Shop.

What Is a Masturbator? 

This is a sex toy for people with penises and cis men that resembles a woman's vagina, stretches well, and has a ribbed relief part on the inside. This simply incredibly stimulates the head of the penis and its entire length, providing fantastic orgasms. You yourself can control the process, make more active frictions, or savor the pleasure and start over. 

Thanks to a masturbator, a man, gay person, or person with a penis can relieve sexual tension and get the necessary release (including psychological release) without involving a woman in the process. Using such a sex toy will have a positive effect if:

  • you do not have a steady sex partner;
  • temporarily, a woman cannot have sex (menstruation, illness, etc.);
  • your sexual constitution is higher than your partner's.
  • it’s necessary to spice up your life and lovemaking. 

Some masturbators can be used solo, while others are designed for couples' satisfaction. The toy can be turned out and put on your finger, and the ribbed part can be used to stimulate the clit and vagina of your partner. 

Which Masturbator to Choose: Types of Male Sex Toys 

There are different types and sizes of male masturbators. Only you can decide how exactly you want to have fun this time. 

  1. Realistic. Their design is as similar as possible to different parts of the body. This can be a mouth with lips and tongue (or without a tongue), a vagina, an anus (in the form of a cup or a full-sized butt), breasts, or a full-sized doll. 
  1. Futuristic. There are few similarities with real body parts, but they will still bring a lot of pleasure. They may look like electric flasks, jars, or other containers. 

Masturbators can also have different designs, for example, open and closed. In the first case, the toy consists of two holes resembling a tunnel. These accessories are easy to clean, but you need to be careful when using them. If we are talking about closed masturbators, then you can ejaculate directly into the sex toy. These models are more realistic, but they always need to be thoroughly cleaned after you reach the peak of enjoyment. 

Some models may also have a vibration effect, balls that significantly increase stimulation, and an additional attachment for anal play. Another bonus that men will definitely appreciate is the pressure function and automatic suction effect. This is not a vacuum pump, but an option that will bring you maximum sensuality, simulating oral sex. The discrete masturbator can also perform progressive movements; this option will definitely appeal to those who like to relax and prolong the ecstasy. 

Which Material Is Better?

The quality of a sex toy largely depends on the material. For masturbators, it is usually:

  • Cyberskin. The most realistic option is only compatible with water-based lubes.
  • Silicone. Good and cheap material. Oh, it will be soft, wet, and with delight ridges.
  • TPR. Such materials attract with their elasticity and also enhance the vacuum effect. 

So what should you choose? But who says you can't have it all? Try different sex toys, compare sensations, and surf the pleasure waves. 

Clean and Care

First, use lubricants that are suitable for the material of the product. After playing, you need to thoroughly clean the masturbator. We recommend using special cleaners that will definitely not harm the material or spoil your future orgasms. After cleaning, the toy needs to be dried, and that’s it! It’s ready for your new sex runs.

Paris Adult Shop offers male masturbators from the world's best brands, including Flashlight and Mistress. You will always find discounts and sales on the best models with us. Check out reviews with ratings, and if you have any questions, our consultants will help you for free to find the toy that suits you perfectly.