1. Why Did That Happen That the Paris Adult Shop item Was Not Fitting Me?

If a thing you’ve bought wasn’t pleasing in use, don’t be worried too much. Ask one of our consultants how to choose properly. They will gently advise you on an item’s size, purposes, details, and possible options. An opentalk is the best way to get satisfaction and learn more about your body. Our assistants are skilled in client work, so everything will be all right.

2. Do You Cover Freight Costs?

Freight costs are returnable for countries in the EEA. Unfortunately, we cannot cover a transportation charge from non-included countries. Check if your country is involved. If you’ve paid with a voucher, the charge soon appears on your Paris Adult Shop account. Track the notifications not to miss the wanted letter.

3. How Long Does Repayment Transaction Take?

The transportation by our return service takes 3 to 7 days. The refund usually proceeds in a week or shorter. The postal bot mails information after producing a payment. The final time depends on exact bank terms, but for most organizations, it takes less than two weeks. The repayment amount is sent the same way you paid it before.
If there is no feedback after posting goods back, contact us via email or social nets.

4. Can I Exchange One Piece to Another?

Unfortunately, exchanging goods is unavailable. We suggest turn back your previously-ordered goods and then creating a new booking. We are striving to process and deliver your orders as soon as possible. Not to cause a second mistake, ask our assistants about the range variety. They are glad to consult clients and make their online shopping convenient and pleasant.

5. Can I Turn Back Any Product Ordered?

You have a right to send ordered catalog items to the shop 28 days after receiving them. Note that not all the goods can be turned back according to the Paris Adult Shop regulations

  • Disposable accessories and cosmetics aren’t restored and exchanged due to sanitation reasons.
  • Only goods with an unbroken hygiene seal are refundable.
  • We are unable to accept the lingerie or sex toys that you’ve already tried on / tried.
  • Every commodity must have its label. They are easily found in the personal Paris Adult Shop account.

6. What Is the Policy of Damaged Items?

It is upsetting that the condition of our assets was not perfect. We strive to deal with it. However, we strive to fix it quickly. Fill in the ‘Contact Us’ form on this page and describe the breakage. Enter the photo of the damage, your order number, and a product name. We restore money for a defective item in full size. It is important to describe the harm in detail. We are watching frequent problems to solve them and improve the assistance.

7. What If My Situation Doesn’t Fit Policy?

We are not reselling products when the required date passes. Also, we are strict with a high level of healthcare standards and hygiene. For intimate products, it is a mattering statement. Cracked seals mean that a thing was in use.
Clients’ safety is a strong motivation for the Paris Shop, so we are never reselling worn and washed catalog items. You cannot transfer a thing you’ve already tested and broke their hygienic seal. If your situation is somehow extraordinary, contact the manager and discuss details personally.

8. How to Return an Order?

Sometimes our items are not fitting your purposes. We understand it and are constantly developing our service. In fact of a mistake, post the purchase back 28 days after the fact of product buying. There are strict rules to follow and a short description of a process is shown below:

  • Track your package by a postal number;
  • Please save your proofs of shipping a pack until we get it and perform a discharge;
  • We don’t accept back goods with a split hygienic seal and a damaged packing.
  • We’ll inform you with notification after receipt of goods and payback transactions.

9. What to Do If I Cannot Find a Paycheck in the Parcel?

To view a paycheck, please check your email and an account on the Paris Adult Shop website. We are switching to a paperless format, which means no invoices in the carton. Now, all documents and paychecks are moved online for higher convenience. Use our return service to print your labels. For transmitting a package, print tags and stick them to a carton. Choose the option of printing at home or in the store.

10. Can I Send Several Items Back at Once?

If you want to turn back two and more ordered products, please divide them into parts and transfer them into different parcels. That lets the Customer proceed with the cost and contain correctly and track pieces rightly. If you send a few orders together, separating them will be difficult for us. Finally, we postpone your refund for a couple of days.

11. The Repayment Doesn’t Show on My Bank Account — What Should I Do?

The fee stays unseen in a few cases. Banks hide them sometimes and that is a common situation. You should wait for a few hours until it turns visible.It usually appears right the date we proceed with the payment. From one bank to another, time may vary. Another tricky situation is showing a refund on the time you’ve paid the purchase the first time.
Unfortunately, some circumstances are beyond ordinary. Contact us by the form on this page if the process went wrong. Managers solving complicated troubles quickly.

12. What to Do If I Have Lost the Original Wrapping?

It is OK, and the kind of packaging never affects the repayment procedure. Put an object in a waterproof wrapper, so it stays unharmed. If the object is fragile, use bubble wrapping and a safe and dense box. Also, packaging should be non-transparent and airtight. That ensures safe delivery and helps to address your money to the count soon.

13. Are There Any Non-Returnable Catalog Items?

We are strictly controlling the hygiene aspects, so part of the assortment is non-returnable. These are:

  • intimate toys with a broken seal;
  • used cosmetic supplies such as lubricants and lotions;
  • disposable production of any kind.

While getting lingerie, please try it with a layer of underwear. Be carefulnot to break a seal. This allows shipping to us if something goes wrong.