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The Best Ways to Clean Sex Toys: Pro Tips

The Best Ways to Clean Sex Toys: Pro Tips

Do not buy toys if you don’t know how to clean them properly yet. The procedure differs for waterproof and non-waterproof devices, but a special cleaner is needed for all. In this guide, we’ll discover the best ways to clean sex toys made from different materials so that they do not harm your health and continue to bring you pleasure.

Why It’s Important to Clean Sex Toys

Bacteria, dirt, sperm, and vaginal secretions can accumulate on the surface of toys, so they need to be cleaned after each use. Otherwise, skipping these steps can lead to health issues, even if you’re using the toy alone and not with a partner.

The best cleaners for sex toys are not created without reason. Typically, they come in a spray format and are designed for disinfection and gentle cleaning of toys. The hypoallergenic yet effective composition removes microbes, prevents unpleasant odors, moisturizes, and cleans the surface of the product. Therefore, it’s the ideal option for quick processing of sex toys before and after their use.

Basic Rules on How to Clean Your Dildo and Other Sex Toys

  1. Sex toys, including vacuum stimulators, vibrators, masturbators, vibrating eggs, anal toys, dildos, erection rings, strap-ons, sex dolls, vacuum pumps, and other intimate gadgets, need to be cleaned before and after use. This is a rule. For everyone. 
  2. It’s important to remember: if you use a toy both vaginally and anally, be sure to use a condom and the best sex toy cleaners.
  3. After using the toy, apply the necessary amount of toy cleaner to the entire surface of the toy and rinse off the residue of lubricant along with the cleaner with warm water. Silicone toys can also be washed with soap with a neutral pH level and treated with an alcohol-free antiseptic.
  4. Different materials require different cleaners, unless you’ve chosen a universal product, as indicated on the label. In general, read the manufacturer’s instructions. When it comes to intimate play, sex toys, pleasure accessories, and cleaners, this is important.
  5. If you don’t have a special cleaning product on hand, you can use regular soap and water. Do not use antibacterial soap to clean sex toys, as it can be harmful to your health.
  6. Do not use scented cleaning products (leave mango soap or gel for your body). They can leave a visually unnoticed chemical residue on the vibrator, which may later cause an allergic reaction.
  7. After cleaning, let the toy dry at room temperature on a flat surface in the bathtub or room.
  8. Store the toy in a fabric pouch or a special case that comes with the toy (such as with Fleshlight or Tenga masturbators). If you have multiple toys, each one should be stored separately. Under no circumstances should you store anal and vaginal toys together, as it is unhygienic. It is also important to store the toy in a dry place, away from batteries and direct sunlight. If your toy uses batteries, we recommend removing them before storing the toy for an extended period of time.

How to Understand If You Can Clean a Toy Using the Water

If your toy runs on batteries or a rechargeable battery, carefully check the waterproof rating in the instructions.

All toys can be cleaned under water, but caution should be exercised to prevent water from entering the charging port and other power components. The part of the toy that is located closest to the charging port can be wiped with a damp cloth soaked in water or toy cleaner.

  • IPX4 and IPX5 ratings ensure protection against direct splashes of water and dirt, and these toys should not be submerged in water or taken into the shower.
  • An IPX6 rating guarantees a toy’s protection in the shower but is not designed for direct water contact.
  • A toy with an IPX7 waterproof rating can withstand immersion in water up to one meter deep for a maximum of 30 minutes, making it suitable for bath-time play.

Please note! You can find out the water resistance rating of the toy on the packaging or by consulting our specialists during your purchase. Only dry toys should be placed on a charger.

Toys without batteries and rechargeable batteries are completely waterproof, so they can be submerged in water.

How to Clean Sex Toys Made from Different Materials

Sex toys are made from various materials, ranging from gel and plastic to high-quality silicone and hyper-realistic cyberskin. Let’s find out how to clean your dildos made from different materials.

ABS plastic

This is a hard and smooth material used for many sex toys. These adult toys have a remarkable resilience and maintain their initial form over an extended period. Their long-lasting nature ensures they remain in their original shape for an extended duration. A significant advantage of plastic is its compatibility with all types of water-based, silicone, and hybrid lubes.

How to clean: Taking care of this material is simple, as plastic can be easily cleaned with water and soap. You can also use the best sex toy cleaners.


It is often used to create large toys. It allows the product to maintain its shape, remaining elastic and reliable. PVC can vary in transparency, elasticity, and flexibility, with some types having a scent. PVC has limited heat resistance, meaning these toys cannot be exposed to high temperatures. Compatible with silicone and water-based lubricants.

The best ways to clean sex toys made from PVC: Since it’s a porous material, it’s advisable to use a condom during play. To clean the toy, rinse it thoroughly with soap, and you can use a soft brush. Then treat it with a toy antiseptic and store it in a pouch.


It has a velvety and silky surface, feels pleasant to the touch, is flexible, and is entirely safe. Silicone is available in different categories, such as highly hypoallergenic medical silicone or thermo-active Silexpan, which conforms to the toy’s surface to fit anatomical features. It minimally absorbs odors and is quite durable with proper care.

How to clean your dildos from silicone: Everything is extremely easy! You can use any of the best sex toy cleaners or regular soap with a neutral pH level for cleaning. Store the toy in a lint-free pouch to avoid direct sunlight.


It is a smooth, pleasant-to-touch, and flexible material. Besides sex toys, it is used in erotic clothing, lingerie, and BDSM accessories. In addition to feeling sensually smooth on the skin, latex has an irresistible visual appeal. Its smooth, glossy surface follows the contours of the body, highlighting curves and giving the impression of a second skin. The material is porous, so it absorbs odors well.

The best ways to clean sex toys made from latex: If necessary, you can rinse the latex under water and gently pat it dry with a soft towel to remove any remaining water residue. Afterward, leave the toy on a surface to air-dry completely. Avoid rubbing too vigorously, as it may damage the delicate material.


Extremely flexible, durable, and friction-resistant material. TPR has a less porous structure than cyberskin but is more porous than silicone. This porosity, while not as pronounced as in some other materials, does mean that extra care is necessary to maintain its hygiene and longevity when used in intimate products.

How to clean: Thermoplastic rubber is relatively easy to care for. TPR sex toys can be cleaned with warm water and soap, as well as treated with a specialized product cleaner.

Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)

Flexible, soft, yet resilient material with high durability. However, TPE toys should not be exposed to high temperatures.

The best ways to clean sex toys made from TPE: Using soap is not recommended, as it can dry out and damage the material. The best option is a toy cleaner. TPE toys also need to be treated with a special restorative powder to close pores and prevent dust and dirt accumulation. If the toy is not treated with powder, it may become sticky over time.


It is an almost transparent, elastic, flexible, and pleasant-to-touch material with good thermal conductivity. These toys come in various shapes, sizes, and bright colors.

How to clean: It is recommended to purchase special antibacterial products. Regular soap and water are not the best options.

Tempered Glass

Incredibly durable and entirely safe material, free from any harmful substances. Glass is hypoallergenic and safe to use with proper care and storage. Glass sex toys do not accumulate bacteria and dirt, and they are easy to clean. One of the most significant benefits of glass toys is that you can heat or cool them to the desired temperature by submerging them in hot water or placing them in the fridge.

How to clean: Glass toys are the easiest to care for. Simply rinse them with warm water and a soapy solution.


A highly realistic porous material that closely simulates human skin. Cyberskin is soft, elastic, and provides a very lifelike tactile experience. It quickly takes on body temperature and promotes pleasant tactile contact.

How to clean your dildos from cyberskin: These gadgets require special care. You need to clean them not only with special products for this material but also apply restorative powder. Store them in a dark, cool place, preferably in a dedicated pouch.

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Do Whips, Restraints and Other Leather Accessories Need to Be Cleaned?

Leather used for accessories is usually treated with a special product for long-term use, so it does not require specific care products.

Do not wash these items with water or alcohol cleaning products. To clean any dirt, gently wipe the soiled area with a slightly damp cloth moistened with water, and for disinfection, use an alcohol-free antiseptic.

It’s best to store leather BDSM accessories away from batteries and direct sunlight. Whips and floggers should be hung in a suspended position, while everything else should be stored in fabric pouches.

How to Clean Latex Play Costumes and Lingerie

Latex play costumes and lingerie, stockings, garter belts, and latex bodysuits can be washed in warm water with gentle detergent, but only by hand. Do not use a dryer. This lingerie should be air-dried. Stockings and garter belts are best dried in a horizontal position.

Before wearing latex clothing for play, it should be rinsed in warm water (to remove the protective talc from the surface), allowed to dry, and then treated with a special latex care product or silicone lubricant on the inside. Apply the product to the inner side of the clothing and also to your body. Make sure to remove all jewelry from your body.

To clean latex items, gently wash them by hand, both on the outside and inside, in warm water using a liquid soap. Afterward, rinse the clothing in clean water and gently shake off excess water. Do not rub, wring, use a dryer, or iron latex. This lingerie should be dried at room temperature. Before storing, it’s a good idea to apply a special restorative powder to prevent the material from sticking together.

How to Understand When It’s Best Not to Use a Toy

Like everything else, even sex toys have an expiration date. However, some materials can last a lifetime. For example, glass. These toys just need to be handled with care, avoiding hard surfaces and mechanical damage and not using abrasive cleaning agents, and you can enjoy thousands of orgasms throughout your life.

Silicone toys are also highly durable and can last several years with proper care (lubrication, cleaning, and storage). Another long-lasting material is thermoplastic elastomer, but it might not feel as pleasant to the touch. TPE toys may have a lower number of usage cycles, and their durability depends entirely on proper care and usage.

How can you understand that something is wrong with your toy? A concerning sign is the appearance of an unpleasant odor or changes in shape or color. If you notice these signs, it’s a good idea to take a closer look at your new sex toy. Fortunately, you have the Paris Adult Shop, where you can find sex gadgets for any erotic fantasies. We won’t just help you choose the perfect companion for pleasure but also explain how to clean and store it.

Take care of your sex toys correctly, and they will continue to bring you new sensations and sexual discoveries for a long time.

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